3 months (2020)

IBM MDP or Modern Data Protection includes data backup and recovery solutions for medium to enterprise businesses.

IBM MDP doesn’t have a hero brand, standards, or criteria that help designers judge our content and design choices. Therefore, the goal is to create a style guide that assists designers in presenting ourselves consistently.

THe process

The brand research

The workshop

The exploration

I found the workshop activity was the most challenging and interesting during this process. For the sake of time, I provided a lightweight branding exercise to quickly generate ideas and values for our brand. However, as we categorized these words in smaller groups, we struggled to agree on the simplicity of those words and narrow down directions for next steps. Gladly, the brand attribute exercise that is popularly practiced by Marty Neumeier and The Futur helped us move on and define the first iteration of our brand.

The mission and brand atrributes


the style guide

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I have been using this style guide to define our mission and value while improving internal brand assets for MDP. In the future, I hope to use this to either inform or inspire the larger team to create a single unified vision across the portfolio.