IBM storage


Web design / Illustration


3 months (2020)


Celina Hipolito (UX designer)

In 2019, our program director asked our design team to create a one-stop location where other IBMers can find resources related to IBM Storage.

The IBM Storage site provides product knowledge while showcasing our team culture and design process for anyone who wants to learn about IBM Spectrum Storage.

The challenge

We failed to commit to our project scope.

At the time when we were given the task, our team consisted of ten designers, a front-end developer, and our manager. We went through many collaborative sections to find out users, their purposes, the style, and the theme for this design site. It seemed that we had good content to move forward, but we constantly added more information that could improve the site. Eventually, the team couldn't commit our time and control the quality of information for each page that we wanted to build, the project was then put in the backlog.

The process

We learned, we scaled, and pivoted.

In 2020, we were asked to bring the work back down to the original ask received from our director in 2019. At this point, the design team went down to two designers and a front-end developer who volunteered to make the first iteration of the site.

The sitemap shows our alignment on what content we were going to build after we proposed the new IA that could be containable but still meet the goal of the project. After that, we met up on several sessions to create content, sketches, and wireframes for each page.


As a visual designer, one of the challenges I had was to decide which illustration style and color palette can best represent IBM Spectrum Storage. At the moment, we are still in the transitioning phase to IBM Design Language while figuring our identity within the larger brand.

The design

thank you for viewing!

The site is still in the progress of development. Meanwhile, we are going to propose the design to a larger design team and gather feedback for future iterations.